View over Darlingscote - painting in acrylics of a local Warwickshire scene 
'Wave' - large abstract in textured acrylics

'Smithereens', the cottage in West Cork which my parents bought in 1967,
and where my Mum now lives. Always an iconic image for me, here painted in acrylics. 

'Harbour' -ceramic and glass (notice the recurring theme here..!)

'The Tor' acrylic painting inspired by Cornwall
Painted box for my Mum's 75th birthday -the Irish cottage yet again!

'Winter Valley' abstract in acrylics

'Emma' - my ex-husband's lab, painted shortly before we were married in 1983. Emma had several litters of beautiful puppies; my parents bought one of her daughters who subsequently produced gorgeous puppies too.
I sometimes wonder whether the in-laws felt equally blessed when they acquired me....
 Somebody actually paid me to paint this, but it was a long time ago and I can't remember the dog's name.
 Sorry, dog, whoever you were.

'View from Cape Clear', in sunny West Cork 
Experimenting with melted glass and a tea-light -  Moated Town  
'Uplift' - this is a large abstract which I threw onto the canvas one day
when I was feeling unusually cheerful despite challenging circumstances;
I keep it to remind me of that feeling of 'oomph!'

Old Parishioners - small painting in acrylics. (Very old parishioners...)

Moorland - small mixed media work

One of my favourite ceramic pieces - 'I'm Here...'